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Brad Caldwell

The Captain of the Wingspan crew oversees business operations. He's never met a stranger and goes the extra mile for every client.


Angela Nagler

Angela leads our account team, coordinates our flight schedule, and can tackle any challenge that comes her way.

Chief Creative Officer

Clinton Carraro

Clinton leads our creative department. He enjoys solving problems, and has an unnatural obsession with great advertising.

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Cooksey

Leading our web development and tech departments, Chris loves mining data and building tools that benefit our clients' business.

Lead Strategist

Shelley Cantrell

Head of navigation, Shelley leads our strategic planning team. She has an uncanny ability to see over the horizon.

Art Director

Lauren Jones

Energy, creativity, and a passion for design make Lauren a valuable asset to Wingspan, and even more valuable to our clients.

Graphic Designer

Zach Nichols

Zach has a keen eye for visual communication and boundless curiosity. He brings an energy to Wingspan that's out of this world.

Account Executive

Kaitlyn Thomas

Kaitlyn handles all the air traffic in our operation. Her boundless energy and attention to detail pay huge dividends for our clients.

Social Media Manager

Michael Kraus

Michael's tireless effort into crafting effective social media campaigns and tactics help raise the profile of Wingspan clients.