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100% Census is a phone call away…

From the corporate to community level, Wingspan knows the senior living industry. We understand the challenges involved in generating new leads, fostering existing ones, and the barriers to cultivating these leads into deposits. Our dedicated Senior Living Division represents senior living communities in 12 states, and has proven results in lead generation and increased occupancy rates.


Our Flightpath system is a marketing intelligence program that includes a full suite of marketing tools and services for you to choose from. Flightpath’s sole focus is helping senior living communities streamline their marketing, increase their inquiry base and increase their occupancy rates.


Flightpath informs your sales and marketing team as to exactly what does and does not work. This suite of tools includes weekly reporting, call capture & recording, web form inquiries, ROI metrics, Google Analytics, and much more. It allows you to see a quick snapshot or full history of your leadflow, and the health of your sales and marketing in real time.


Whether you are pre-open leasing, or trying to fill an existing community with low occupancy, we can help you get your census to 100%.

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